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“Nandaragupan” A Glimpse of the Past
The image of the weather-beaten,muscle-bound man of the sea,bronzed and almost nondescript in an old hat called tacoco,steering a sleek,boat they called baloto in those days,had been classic Dagupenos bread winner when the Pangasinan waters were fish-laden and pristine. Dagupan’s fame as trading post even before the coming of the Spaniards was inexorably tied with the sea,the marine resources that were lifeblood to the flourishing barter trade that drew intrepid seafarers who brougth their valuable goods from across the sea. Through the 300-years Spanish regime Dagupan’s commercial activities thrived,m ainly pursued through the wide,swift moving commounal water’s that crisscrossed the earl y settlement. Of the four major rivers of Dagupan,it was Pantal that carried the biggest commercial traffic and the lucrative cultural of oysters,shrimps,Malaga and mollusks. Pantal was staging point and means of navigation for the early fish-traders who heavily traded with the Kapampangans and tagalogs of Nueva Ecija. The early recorded effort to officially place Dagupan on the map showed Dagupan as a sitio of Lingayen encomienda and later as a settlement town, the Augustinians friars named Bacnotan. The name changed promted a revolt led by Andres malong, after which the term “Nandaragupan” became popular apppllation, for it was in the old entreport( Market) “where the people met”.



Nature of the Local Economy

Dagupan City is geared towards creating a competitive, diversified and environmental-friendly economy. Moreover, the city intends to be known globally as the Bangus (Milkfish) Capital of the World.

Hence, the City Government has initiated policies and programs to establish a competitive and environmentally sustainable Bangus (milkfish) industry. Concomitantly, Dagupan is developing its aqua-eco tourism potential to establish itself as an alternative tourist destination in Northern Philippines.

Coastal Area

As a coastal city, where one takes a first crack at the winds that blow from South China Sea, Dagupan has 72 hectares of beach land, with its coconut groves that serve as shelter for beach goers.

Extensive Aquaculture Area

The rivers and the sea serve as potential source of economic activity for coastal residents. One fifth of the city’s total area consists of fishponds devoted to the culture of the tastiest milkfish (chanos-chanos) in the country. Shrimps, prawns, crabs and mussels are also available the whole year. Oyster culture is also one of the sources of income among residents living near the rivers.

Proximity to Tourist Attractions

Dagupan City is the jumping point of the city of Pines: Baguio, the country’s summer capital, to the exotic Hundred Islands in Alaminos City, Pangasinan, to the Municipality of Manaoag, where religious sojourners flock to the miraculous shrine of the Virgin Mary of Manaoag, among others.

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Investment Opportunities

Agriculture, Food Forestry-Based Industries
1) Agriculture/Agro-Forestry
     a) Herbal Plants
     b) Agro-Forestry
2) Marine-Aqua Culture
     a) Lobster/Ulang Culture and Hatchery
     b) Seaweeds and Oyster Production
3) Livestock and Poultry
     a) Feed Mill
     b) Cattle Fattening
     c) Farming on Livestock
     d) Game Fowl Farming
4) Frozen and Processed Food
     a) Fish/Oyster Canning
     b) Meat Processing
     c) Fruit and Vegetable Processing
     d) Processing and Cold Storage for Fruits, Vegetables and Livestock Products
5) Forest-based
     a) Furniture and Furnishing

Manufacturing Industries
1) Light Manufacturing Industries
     a) Light Metals (metal craft, cutlery, kitchen tools, farm implements)
     b) House Parts and Accessories Manufacturing (knobs, hinges, kitchen sinks)
     c) Garments and Textiles
     d) Herbal/Essences Processing
     e) Toys and Ceramics Manufacturing
     f) Jewelry Making
2) Marble Industry
     a) Marble Manufacturing
3) Pyrotechnics
     a) Firework Products

Infrastructure and Services
1) Public Utilities
     a) Buses
     b) Water Craft
     c) Telecommunications
     d) Water System
     e) Public Market
     f) Bus Terminal
     g) Power Generation
2) Infrastructure
     a) Private Industrial Estate
     b) Concrete Road
     c) Port Facilities
     d) Drainage System/Flood Control
     e) Solid Waste Disposal
3) Tourism
     a) Tourist Accommodation Facilities (hotels, resorts, restaurants, other tourist accommodation)
4) Tourist Transport Facilities
     a) Air
     b) Water
     c) Buses
5) Tourist Site Development
     a) Parks
     b) Theme Parks
     c) Golf Courses
     d) Eco-Tourism

Consumer Manufacturers/Manufacturing
1) Gifts and Housewares
     a) Novelty and gift Items
     b) Hand Made Decors
     c) Christmas Decors
2) Rubber Products
     a) Rubber Tires
     b) Conveyor Belts
     c) Gloves
     d) Threads
     e) Hose
     f) Slippers/Footwears

Engineering Industries
1) Engineering Products
     a) Metal Processing
     b) Machine Shop
     c) Machine Engineering
     d) Lathe Machine
     e) Pre-Fabricated Materials
2) Electronics Industry
     a) Electronic Products Dockyard Operation
     b) Dry Docking
3) Computer Industry
     a) Computer Assembly
     b) Semi-conductor

Information and Communication Technology
1) Call Centers
2) Business Process Outsourcing
3) Medical Transcription
4) Software Development

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